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Hyper Automate Processing of Text, Documents, Images, Audios & More.

India’s Most Collaborative & Scalable Low Code AI Digital Transformation Platform for Enterprises to Convert Unstructured Data at Scale.

Accurate Extraction.

Powerful Automation.

Easy Integration

Intelligent Data Processing

Next Generation unstructured data processing with cutting Edge NLP, Deep Learning Models with Flexibility.

Rapid Platform Setup

Augmatrix provides Cloud and on prime Integration with your existing systems a walk in the park.

Accelerate Digitization

Our Low Code Platform empowers teams to Build faster pipelines using already developed Building Blocks.

Proven & Secure

We provide enterprise grade security and privacy to give you full confidence over data handling.

Platform Capabilities

Highly Accurate

Augmatrix Self Learning AI Algorithms intelligently extract meta data at super accuracy and help enterprises to train models.

Highly Flexible

Augmatrix Low-Code/No-Code platform is very collaborative & Scalable which helps enterprises to design their own workflows to automate any process on any data type.

Highly Secure

Augmatrix brings enterprise grade security features and implementation to maintain detailed audit trails & logs for each data type.

Use Cases

Invoice Processing

Automate invoice processing end-to-end with artificial intelligence.

ID Verification

Automated ID verification process to provide accurate results fast.

Document Redaction

Stop manually redacting sensitive information from documents.

Trusted by Industry Leaders.

Augmatrix platform is trusted by industry leaders across India & our customers loves the way we solve their problems.




Customer Rating

Frequently Asked Questions.

As an Enterprise you handle lot of Unstructured data which is qualitative in the form of PDF, Images, Text files, audio files, Video Files.

Augmatrix is India’s most Collaborative and Scalable Low Code AI platform for Digital Transformation where we provide solution for workflow automation converting Unstructured Data of any type.

Our platform is supporting enterprises across industries from Banks , NBFCs, Payment Companies, Insurance Companies, Audit Firms, Manufacturing Companies, Healthcare Institutes, Legal Tech Companies and many more.

We are very Flexible in deployment and packaging our platform output and can be done with Cloud or On Prime Approach.

Get Started with Your Digital Transformation Journey.