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About Augmatrix

India’s Most Collaborative & Scalable Low Code AI Digital Transformation Platform for Enterprises to Convert Unstructured Data at Scale.

Digitizing Enterprises with Automatic Data Handling tool.

Welcome to Augmatrix. We are dealing with any unstructured data of Organizations to transform with Artificial Intelligence automated tool to enable organizations to play with data in more smarter way.

avg time savings per customer
annual document growth
annual customer retention rate

Why Enterprises Need our tool ?

Today organizations are flooded with countless unstructured and unmanageable data pool. Process of transforming this data into usable data is manual , tedious , costly and often inaccurate. We have built one stop application where organizations can set up their own automated process.

Tool is useful for any of the following:

  • Government Agencies
  • Financial Institutes , Banks and Universities
  • Insurance Companies, Hospitals

We are on a Mission to Democratize Artificial Intelligence as we believe AI is the New Electricity Powering Everything

To be India's Most Adaptable and Scalable Low Code AI platform for Enterprises to Handle Unstructured data at Scale.

1. Work Smart, Learn Smart : We learn on every stage on life, at Augmatrix we transfer Lessons learned and executive tasks smartly.

2. No Lay-offs : We at Augmatrix are committed to our team that we will help them grow with us but will never let them die.

3. Diversity makes us Mature : We handle diverse team across domains beyond state bounderies which makes us more mature in Handling ground Tasks

4. Stakeholder is Everything : We are "You" Company, starts with Stakeholders to Customers, everybody is committed to each other.

Our Team

Pravin Kavitake


Madan Ram


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