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How it works

Here is quick overview of how you can use AI to turn unstructured data into actionable information.

Rather than a technical coding environment, low-code operates in a model-driven, drag-and-drop interface. All development skill levels — professional developers, novice developers, subject matter experts, business stakeholders, and decision makers — can use low-code to build value-driven enterprise business applications.

Low Code is the Future the way organisations will transform them digitally.

70% 70%


By 2025, around 70% of the Business Processes will be automated.

Source : Gartner

33% 33%


Organizations with Citizen developers score 33% higher on innovation measure.

Source : Makinsey & Company

70% 70%


70% of users with No Development Experience learned Low code in less than 1 month

Source : Mendix

50-90% 50-90%


Low Code platform can reduce Development time by 50% to 90%

Source: Techrepublic

Low-code is a catalyst for digital transformation because it’s faster and more intuitive than traditional development. Low-code platforms provide integrated collaboration tools to help the development team (which includes the business) reach alignment early and often in the automation lifecycle. The visual, model-driven development environments present logic in a common language anyone in the application lifecycle can understand.

Developers of all skill levels are more efficient because low-code tools increase quality and consistency. Application throughput increases, delivered applications accurately drive positive business outcomes, and the business is more likely to adopt the solutions because they have a greater investment and understanding of the process.

Augmatrix platform for Unstructured data

Automatically understand unstructured data with the latest deep learning technologies, rapidly build document workflows with low and pro-code solution blocks, and innovate at scale across your organization.

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