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Augmatrix Low-Code Platform

Single Platform for Enterprises to Process Unstructured data into actionable data to automate business processes at scale.

Digitally transform your organization using low code Augmatrix Platform.

From a departmental level to the entire enterprise, low-code is helping organizations across the globe revolutionize the way they solve business problems. Push your digital strategies forward by building and innovating solutions quickly that drive unprecedented business value.


Automate Complex Intake and Data Preparation.

Data extraction and UDP involves pre-processing stage wherein OCR and machine learning algorithms scan and evaluate the quality of the unstructured data – detects bad quality, automatically enhances image quality or rejects poor quality documents / image / text if they cannot be enhanced.

This stage is crucial in the extraction process to ensure high-quality extraction through cleaning, organizing and transforming the raw data to meet expected quality SLAs or UDP and machine learning mandates.


Automate identification of Data Type.

Classification is very crucial stage to identify the data type and classify them accordingly. Augmatrix classification building block classifies text / image / document.

This classification is accomplished using the combination of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and machines learning technology.

Data Capture

Adaptable data capture & extraction.

Once the data is classified, the next and most significant step in the process is to extract valuable information from the documents. The machine learning building blocks recognizes characters and symbols etc. on a data.

Augmatrix Machine Learning models can extract specific fields, irrespective of the layouts. The model is continuously trained to understand the data extraction irrespective of layouts and formats/ field naming conventions.


Minimize Time Spent on Manual Review.

Confirm data items extracted by the system such as hand-written text, human signatures and mapping the extracted text to specific fields. Also improving machine confidence and accuracy in future processes.

Increase operational efficiency and overall processing capacity with Augmatrix business rules validation engine for data extraction and processing.


Eliminate Manual Work from Post-Processing Efforts.

Augmatrix low-code platform provide the flexibility you need to customize your unstructured data automation process. Implement pre-built extensions with common functionality like calculations, sorting, Build your own serverless or webhook-driven business logic in a robust low-code environment.

Send real-time document updates to partners and Avoid manual back and forth emailing with your business partners around error checking and followups.


Stay on top of flawless and easy integration.

Augmatrix low code platform is flexible and scalable in term of integration with on cloud as well as on prime with API’s.

Whether you need a pre-built integration ready or a custom integration delivered by Augmatrix you’ll get the best fit suited to your unique business.

One Platform, Any Data Type

Augmatrix brings entire Unstructured data Processing together on single scalable platform. From intake to integrations with your existing systems.


Extract details and analyze any business document regardless of formatting including invoices, purchase orders, forms, claims, loans, contracts, and more.


rocess any unstructured text data automatically including balance sheets, customer support communications, and more.


Save time and resources while improving accuracy by automating visual inspection, data extraction, quality assurance, and more business image processing tasks.


Leverage video data to automate complex processes such as visual inspection, crop quality assessment, and more.


Get more from audio data with automated call transcription, data extraction, and more.

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