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Augmatrix for Manufacturing

Augmatrix will help to speed up the entire digitization process and decrease delays in shipments to reduce the overall errors, costs, and save time.

Gain greater transparency over inventory, customers, risks, costs & suppliers.

Manufacturing, logistics and supply chain industries have a lot of paperwork to deal with. Multiple factors are creating increasing demands on manufacturers. Access to accurate up-to-date information as well as historical data is imperative for purchasing, procurement, inventory management, finance, customer care and product life-cycle management.

Increased Capacity

Increased Capacity

Augmatrix platform will help to increase the capacity of administrative & junior staff.

Mitigate Risk

Mitigate Risk

Avoid the common errors associated with manual data entry-based processes.

Faster access to better data

Faster access to better data

Faster access to better data compared to the manual processing.

Improve data agility for growth

Improve data agility for growth

Get greater confidence & control of every process involving manual data entry. ‍

"Augmatrix platform allowed us to significantly expand our workflow beyond what we thought possible resulting in 80% more cost saving for our organization."

- Kapil Shah, COO - SGS Group


Producers have to deal with ample of paperwork. Purchase orders, item descriptions, invoices, receipts are some of the many documents the production company have to go through with. Augmatrix AI can not only help automate the entire data capturing process but also, allow you to archive the data digitally. This helps your organization to focus on improving production capacity and process transactions faster with minimal errors.


Distributors play an important role in the manufacturing industry. They are the middle-man between producers and retailers. Therefore, they have to deal with multiple organizations. This means they have to process documents such as receipts & invoices from various vendors. Augmatrix AI can help distributors to automate their accounting process by digitizing their physical documents that can be securely searched on the cloud. This will help you turn your focus more on expanding your distribution channels.

Shipping & Supply Chain

Logistics & shipping companies have to go through tons of physical documents. From shipment items to the bill of lading and various other related documents, the shipping business is filled with paperwork. Augmatrix AI-powered solution can enable automation with minimal human intervention & reduce the document processing time to avoid any further delays in ensuring delivery of products to their final destination.


Retailers sell the final product to the end consumer that is produced by the manufacturer. Retailers may directly deal with manufacturers or deal with distributors or both. They have to interact with final customers as well. Therefore, they have tons of paperwork to work with such as accounts payables, purchase orders, end consumer receipts. All this can be digitized and archived on the cloud using Augmatrix AI’s intelligent OCR-based solution. Extract, store and access data easily without much hassle.

Use Cases for Manufacturing Sector

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