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Augmatrix for Technology

Create Better user experiences, reduce build cost , Increase Speed and Accuracy with Augmatrix AI platform integration.

Innovate Data Handling and Data Digitization.

Create Better user experiences, reduce build cost , Increase Speed and Accuracy with Augmatrix AI platform integration. Lot of Technology companies from Insurance Tech to Agritech are offering automation solution through customised ERP solutions, Augmatrix AI can help such technology companies in conversion of unstructured data.

Improve Efficiency

Improve Efficiency

Avoid the excessive costs associated with manual data entry & improve efficiency.

Minimize Risk

Minimize Risk

Avoid the common errors associated with manual data entry-based processes.

Shorten Turnaround Times

Shorten Turnaround Times

Achieve faster turnaround times for digitizing the unstructured data from vendors.

Better User Experiences

Better User Experiences

Offer best-in-class document automation services that deliver extremely accurate and repeatable results. ‍

"We were looking for easy-to-use technology to help us automate processes involving large numbers of complex documents and Augmatrix platform helped us in it resulting in improve efficiency & save cost."

- Parag Shah, Catalyst Tech

Insure Tech

Companies building Insuretech or Treasury Tech solutions to their customers handles large amount of unstructured data like texts, forms, transactions, claim Documents. Augmatrix AI platform can be sub integrated with these companies platform or ERP to help them in Data Extraction using Deep Learning Models which they can customize as per their needs.


The agritech ecosystem has attracted a surge of startups in India offering technology-based solutions like offtake marketplaces, storage and transportation services, and agronomy advisory services while large traditional players seek to reduce operational costs and manage scale more efficiently. Augmatrix AI can help them reduce their cost on Hiring tech team and automating workflows for their customers using our cutting edge deep learning technology.

Legal Tech

Legaltech companies who provides legal services & supports legal industry handles large amount of documents for due diligence & discovery. Augmatrix AI can help these legal tech companies to extract information out of legal contracts to reduce efforts & cost of compliance. Legal contract management workflow automation can be easily integrated through our no code platform &bAugmatrix AI can reduce the burden of paperwork by digitizing the legal contracts.


E-commerce companies handles large number of vendor base to manage their supply chains. Augmatrix AI can help them to connect the dots of digitizing the unstructured data from vendors such as invoices, bills, delivery challans, texts & integrate with current platform to give more useful insights. Overall it can reduce manual efforts & cost associated with it.

Use Cases for Technology

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